If you are a suicide survivor, come and see a Man about a Dog. Survivors; surviving surviving.

Are you feeling suicidal? Have you survived a suicide attempt? Come and see a Man about a Dog.

MaaD is a project funded by the National Lottery and is based at SPARC in Stockport, Greater Manchester.  We provide peer support based on the message that suicidal thoughts and attempts should not be hidden away or feared.  You can speak about your thoughts and attempts with us.  All MaaD workers have survived a suicide attempt and we still experience thoughts of wanting to kill ourselves.  We are survivors; surviving surviving.  We can identify with you if you have attempted to end your life or are thinking about doing so.

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We believe that suicidal thoughts can be managed with the right support and conversations.  We can not only ‘survive surviving’ but can lead happy and fulfilling lives by accepting that we tried to kill ourselves and that this is not wrong or shameful.

Suicidal thoughts and attempts are extremely common. Around 120 suicide verdicts are recorded every week for men and women.  For every verdict, there are around 25-30 attempted suicides that come to the attention of services.  This means that there are a staggering 3,000 suicides or attempted suicides each week.  These statistics don’t include the many attempts that go unreported or are not even spoken about with close family and friends.

You are not on your own.  Your thoughts and feelings are common to men and women of all ages and backgrounds.  Everyone at MaaD is different but we share similar experiences and ways of thinking.  Please get in touch with us if you think we can help you or someone you know.